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B-Labs - 1 - International News 2177-2180

Day 2,181, 11:00 Published in Serbia Romania by elbandido

- eRepublik 6 years ...coming soon

* published by CoT HQ on day 2,177

As you may know, the CoT alliance has announced their dissolution. At the beginning their position was neutral, but with a conflict with EDEN alliance, they became an active military alliance. While this was happening, they were allied with the other big alliance, TWO, descendent of ONE. Finally, both succeed in destroying EDEN and start having some friendly problems.

The war was inevitable. The movement of eRomania into TWO's sphere of influence provoked anger from the eBulgarians, as well as internal strife in several TWO countries, in particular eSpain, the eUK, and eHungary. Following that, eRomania settled quite handily into the TWO military structure. To the north, Lithuania, a member of CoT, left the alliance and joined ACT.

Then the countries of both alliances started to move and support it. The smaller alliances also quickly chose sides in the conflict. Asgard, an alliance which had been engaged in a war with the now defunct Alliance of Baltic Countries, which merged into ACT, sided with CoT. NaN refused to pick a side despite being frequently occupied by CoT nations leading to Australia leaving the alliance and joining ACT.
The war initiated in Europe, but has continued to spread to North and South America, eventually reaching a global scale. While the war, WOLF alliance was founded and NaN dissolutes.

At the end, all the wars were won by TWO. CoT hasn’t any chance. The war ended when the alliance CoT countries started to sign NAP with the different TWO countries, in a non-equality terms. On Day 2175 Chile formally left Circle of Trust quickly followed by the official dissolution of the alliance as every nation voted to end the alliance admitting defeat to TWO.

It appears that CoT has done the decent thing and fallen on its proverbial sword, and the Sixth World War has now been essentially won by TWO... but we already knew that. The last few months, the alliance was virtually unusable and agonized. Chile was the first country to present the output of CoT, Bulgaria followed. Obviously when the TWO founders leave the alliance, the other countries will follow. It happened. And it was decided in the plenary of the CoT HQ, which no longer worth continuing, but that friendships would be maintained, and that the spirit of the CoT prevail. CoT’s time was coming, but the decision by the parties involved came quicker than expected.

"Our alliance put up a good fight, but in the end it could not protect itself. Heavily outnumbered against the foe, nations became frustrated, trying to do operate independent of the alliance. Various nations have gone without congress for months. Some had to settle for treaties with their enemies. Nations began to lose faith in the alliance, and it showed both in public and private. The war had taken it’s toll on all of the nations. The frustration culminated in Chile’s congress voting to leave CoT, along with Bulgaria choosing to do so as well."

* published by Addy Lawrence on day 2,177
- Canadian president tell us that region Alberta is rented for Switzerland to have congress, and other 3 regions were rented for Netherland for same reason (to have a congress), NWT, Yukon and BC.

* published by Foreign Office on day 2,177
- UK and Poland strengthen their relationships through an article by Iain Keers.

* published by Atracurium on day 2,177
- Chinese president Atracurium, published an article that reinforces the agreement with Pakistan, extended it for another two months.

* published by TWO Alliance on day 2,177
- An article worth reading, published by Alliance chief TWO, jamesw, about dissolving alliance CoT. I like and agree with this phrase.

"Don't allow yourselves to approach the next shift in terms of 'we must follow ___', 'we cannot be with ___'. This lunacy killed EDEN, ensured ONE wouldn't last, and ensured Phoenix was doomed from the day it was envisaged. Chile and Bulgaria's folly and ignorance of those mistakes, ensured that against the might of TWO, with their playtoy 'CoT', it was simply a matter of time before it all became undone. Open minds, open up opportunities you never thought were possible. Just ask Greece how giving new friends a chance worked out."

* published by Ministerio das Comunicacoes on day 2,179
- Brazilian President asks people to donate to a possible Airstrike, which could be part of the strategy from this month. Maybe to provide a future Congress.

* published by BundesPresseDienst on day 2,179
- Austria and Slovenia will have a Training War following an agreement between the two governments. Slovenia will keep Vorarlberg and Carinthia.

* published by GouthamKrishnan on day 2,179
- Indian president wants this month to recover regions from Croatia and Albania, to have a Congress this month. He wants to bring back eIndians who are stuck in other countries.

* published by batman135 on day 2,179
- Zdlemmy asks us in his article after seeing two pictures: "let me ask you all together, and the Poles and Croats and Serbs and Greeks, Romanians and other nations: So do you think this is an interesting war game where the outcome of each battle MPP know in advance?"

* published by MoFA Republic Of eIndonesia on day 2,179
- Indonesian MOFA announce us that they will extend NAP with Thailand, and also there are some issues with USA because they don't want to help Indonesia by starting RW in Hawaii, a key region for Poland.

* published by Presidencia de Colombia on day 2,179
- Colombian President announces public apology to Argentina for diplomatic failure of the former president, also one of its main objectives for this month is to gather resources for an Airstrike.

* published by Dr Kilombo on day 2,180
- The War Between Bolivia and Paraguay is a Training War, do not spend your damage in that war. More information:

* published by Osterreichs Bundesheer on day 2,180
- Austria announces that they have to lose all direct battles, and win all resistance wars in the Training War with Slovenia. Good hint for al RH medal hunters.

* published by Escolas ePortugal on day 2,180
- From Portugal we find that Spain has set Natural Enemy law on them without any warning, even if Portugal in the last 5 months was a country proTWO. Also Spain were against them to join ACT. In this sense the Portuguese Government, expresses a feeling of disgust and outrage at the complete action taken by the President Spanish. From what I've seen Spain lost his first battle in Norte, and now Portugal have initiative.

Several members of the TWO has also expressed its support for Portugal, for honor and honesty with which they always carried out all meetings and negotiations for the Peace.

* published by National eItaly on day 2,180
- Italy notify us that they will be pro Spoland in a future conflict within TWO, because Slovenia and Serbia are their traditional enemies.

* published by Department of Citizen Orders on day 2,180
- USA announces its military support for Spain in the war against Portugal. If Spain wins, they might get to renegotiate their NAP on better terms. As a good faith measure theu will support Spain in working towards this goal.

* published by Ministarstvo obrazovanja BiH on day 2,180
- Bosnia is in talks with several allies in search of a target region for Airstrike.

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nice one once again. well done

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Good job elbandido 🙂

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ce new medals ne asteapta?

elbandido Day 2,181, 12:48

I don't know 🙂

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Predsjednik Republike SrBske Day 2,181, 11:54

Bosnia is urban legend

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Mie cel mai mult imi place fesu'.

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Da si-o camasa , mai pe masura ... 😃

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ohhh.... those tits.... 😁)

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I like the picture. What's the article about?!

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eRepublik 6 years ...coming soon WHEN ? bdw good pics

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Excellent article. I thoroughly enjoyed reading all of that, well done! (And nice pic at the end too!)

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Nice article , keep going 😉

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great article!

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Two of the founders, not the two founders

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Awesome article, please make more of this \o/

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I'll do weekly.

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Great job!

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