A&O #1

Day 466, 13:39 Published in Croatia Croatia by Dorian Derezic
I am the Alpha I am the Omega
I am the Beginning and the End of Time
I am the Alpha I am the Omega
My whole creation stands before me tonight

Dear readers.

You are currently reading the first number of Alpha & Omega, a newspaper that will try to bring the news of the New World to your home.
Let me explain that part a little bit more: there are a whole lot of high quality articles that get published but you don`t even hear about them.
The reasons for that are numerous:
1.The article isn`t from you country
2.The article isn`t in English, and you really don`t want to translate it.
3.The article doesn`t get enough votes to get to international list etc.

Alpha & Omega will try to bring those articles to you!

Besides that you will be able to find information on the military situation in the world, monetary market offers and some popular forum discussions,

You may wonder why i decided to write, well the answer is simple – there is a lot of SPAM in Croatian media, and people are getting used to read about all sorts of crap that have nothing to do with eRepublik.

Now let`s cut the chatter and get head on to business!

In this number of Alpha & Omega you will fin😛

1.1 Misho and Plato say that eRepublik needs to evolve.
1.2 Citizenship and TakeOvers.
1.3 Wreaking havoc in Serbia.
1.4 Americans are going berzerk.
1.5 Good & Bad

2.Military Section
2.1 USA vs. Mexico
2.2 Norway vs. Finland

3.Monex Offers

4.Forum Section
4.1 Popular Topics
4.2 Arena
4.3 Buying, Selling or Looking for a Loan


1.1 Misho and Plato say that eRepublik needs to evolve.

Couple of days ago Misho published an article calle😛
Plato says we are backwards people, part.3. Airports. Hotels and Railroads!
In that article he describes the changes that eRepublik needs in order to evolve and get more depth.
He is telling us and the admins that eRepublik has become a little bit dull and that we need changes, big changes that will transform eRep into a more complex and more fun game.
His ideas are totally brilliant!
Great thing about that article is that it`s in English so everybody can read it.
I urge you to read it and vote for it because it is by far one of the best articles published in the last month.
Also read part 1 and part 2 of Plato says we are backwards people.
Plato says we are backwards people, part 2. Education System.
Plato says we are backwards people, part 1.

1.2 Citizenship and TakeOvers.

Here we will bring you two articles concerning this matter.
First is «Mi az a takeover? Jo-e hogy van?» by vasarmilan,
and the second one is «Citizens or TOs» by Quicksliver.

vasarmilan in his article describes the meaning of takeover, and shows us a couple of nations that practice takeovers and some that have been taken over by other nations.
He also describes the way that TOs are accomplished.

The second article by Quicksilver is a bit more sophisticated and talks about implementation of citiznship and stoping the takeovers in the New World.
In this article Quicksilver is talking about a 10 day rule that would make TOs forseeable.
10 day rule had been implemented in beta, but was taken out of the game by admins.
Quicksilver is also trying to answer the question why are admins being so ignorant about citizenship, and why they do not want to implement it in the game.

She got to the conclusion that New World isn`t perfect and needs some sort of judicial system, and laws so that you can punish the wrongdoers for their actions.
I have to say that i couldn`t agree more.

1.3 Wreaking havoc in Serbia

As you probably know a takeover happened in Serbia, and now they are in big problems because laws that would ruin their state are being proposed.
It looks like the serbian congressmen are really unorganized so they are voting for laws that would cripple their country and help the takeoverists.
So the MUP of Serbia is warning their congressmen to deeply analize the law that is being proposed.
I really don`t know what to say here except this: What kind of people have you chosen to sit in your congress if they don`t even know what is good for their country.
That warning can be found in the article called «Prvi dani skupstine i vazno obavestenje» by MUP Srbije.

1.4 Americans are going berzerk

Benn Dover announces war between USA and Mexico in an article called
«Maten (Slay) Los Mexicanos»
He describes it as an exercise of war game started to overthrow the Polish sect that took over the congress.

Uncle Sam gives us the details about the conflict in
***¡Take us to Meh-hee-co!***
He explains that they are attacking Mexico becose of the Polish takeover.
It`s his plan to strenghten his nation.
It is not a war against Mexico, it`s a war against Poland.
USA doesn`t want to cripple Mexico, and will give the occupied regions back to Mexicans upon the completion of the conquest through resistance wars.

Another side of the story can be heard in an article «Uncle Sham Is Upon You» by Dishmcds
Feel free to read it!

1.5 Good & Bad

MoonlightShadow in his article «Such a rush...» talks about the good and the bad things i eRpublik.
He says that good cannot exist without bad and vice versa.
He is wondering why so many people cheat their way through their eLives, why do they hurry to get rich or strong.
Why do we have wars, and what would happen if someday all the bad things would disappear.
MoonlightShadow teaches us to take it easy, to enjoy life, to appreciate the good and the bad things that come our way.

2.Military Section

2.1 USA vs. Mexico

Feel free to join the battle, or should i say battles because USA has started battle in three Mexican teritories.
First is in The Northeast
Second is in The Northwest
Third is in Baja

If you want to fight for USA, go to Florida because Q5 Hospital can be found there.
Q4 Hospital in Mexico can be found in The Central Highlands.

2.2 Norway vs. Finland

The battle takes place in Leningrad Oblast.
Finland has Q4 Hospitals in Eastern Finland and Southern Finland.
Norway has Q5 Hospital in Sorlandet

3.Monex Offers

This were the lowest offers at the time of writing.

1 ARS = 0,013
1 ATS = 0,007
1 AUD = 0,021
1 BEF = 0,023
1 BGN = 0,01
1 BRL = 0,027
1 CAD = 0,029
1 CHF = 0,01
1 CLP = 0,023
1 CNY = 0,008
1 CZK = 0,008
1 DEM = 0,02
1 DKK = 0,02
1 ESP = 0,032
1 FIM = 0,021
1 FRF = 0,017
1 GBP = 0,027
1 GRD = 0,005
1 HRK = 0,02
1 HUF = 0,022
1 IDR = 0,027
1 IEP = 0,01
1 INR = 0,012
1 IRR = 0,028
1 ITL = 0,023
1 JPY = 0,011
1 KRW = 0,008
1 MDL = 1
1 MXN = 0,007
1 MYR = 0,016
1 NIS = 0,053
1 NLG = 0,016
1 NOK = 0,019
1 PHP = 0,025
1 PKR = 0,011
1 PLN = 0,027
1 PTE = 0,003
1 RON = 0,02
1 RSD = 0,02
1 RUB = 0,017
1 SEK = 0,022
1 SGD = 0,019
1 SIT = 0,016
1 SKK = 0,01
1 THB = 0,009
1 TRY = 0,01
1 UAH = 0,4
1 USD = 0,018
1 VEB = 0,012
1 ZAR = 0,009

4.Forum Section

4.1 Popular Topics

Here are some of the more popular topics on eRepublik Forum:
1. Let northen ireland be irish
2. A political takeover in eSerbia
3. Kosovo is not Serbia...
4. Elections in this game are not democratic!
5. atheists

4.2 Arena

This weeks arena contest is still active. Come and try your luck!
Male respondents to the eRepublik survey.

Another fun contest was started recently, come and see if you can guess the date and hour when admins will announce the winner of the mascot contest. Winner gets 0,2 Gold!
When will the admins announce the winners of the mascot contest?

4.3 Buying, Selling or Looking for a Loan

Everything is completely random. I was not paid by any one of them to put their offer in this article.

Rivendell Industries selling Q1 weapon company:

coktatinorg selling Q3 food company:

Fat Pig Corporation selling Q3 wood company:

Sniper Corp selling Q5 hospital:

WorlD Organization selling Q2 food company:

RoyMunson selling Q1 house:

That`s all from me, if you like the article feel free to vote and subscribe.

Dorian Derezic a.k.a Alpha & Omega