Presidential Manifesto: Give me Liberty or Give me Death!

Day 1,530, 23:58 Published in Switzerland Switzerland by Monsieur Guillontine

Presidential Manifesto: Give me Liberty or Give me Death!

Salut madams and monsieurs!

Today, I would like to make a very important announcement. Although my first term as President of Switzerland is already coming to an end, we have made much progress. Not only have we shown Slovenia that we will never give up fighting for our freedom, we have also reformed the immigration system, acquired new international friends, and recruited more people to become Swiss citizens.

Day after day, night after night, as President I had many responsibilities to look after, and trust me, it was quite exhausting. However, I am very pleased with my term so far, and although there are those who will continue to blame me and dump all our misfortunes upon me, I will continue to persist toward what I think is best for Switzerland.

As the great Napoleon Bonaparte once said, Victory belongs to the most persevering.

Many have screamed for my removal as President, many have screamed for my resignation from running for re-election, and many have screamed about my supposed failure in the war. And yet, I know I have tried my hardest, I know I have worked my hardest, I know I have helped Switzerland succeed in so many ways. I know of no shame… I have done no wrong, and I will continue to do what I do best, and that is lead Switzerland to glory. And so, that is why I would like to reveal that I will be running for re-election as President of Switzerland for the month of February!

Give me Liberty, or Give me Death!

Yours Truly,
Monsieur Guillontine
President of Switzerland

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