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SWEEPSTAKES -Can you feel the love; Free gear- SWEEPSTAKES

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The eUSA Facebook page is holding a Sweepstakes for a chance of one lucky (maybe two) player(s) of the eRepublik community to win a FREE Package (ya know, … preberi več »

(Four years of Josh Whitehead ) wow

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'tis I,

The white guy and its been awhile since we've last spoken.

Four yeaRS OF EREpublik?

much fun

more soon of my four years
Go Hawks

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What if I gave a 100 Bucks to one lucky player?

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Howdy and shut up!!!

It's been nearly 4 years since I've played this game and today I bring you an article about giving away something to someone. But just anyone but a very special person (not your mom, calm down).

Yesterday, I wrote a post

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USA eRepublik facebook fan page reaches 500

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After two years of um..hard work and awesome people who help run this page. We finally reached 500 'likes'. HOLY POOP! Thank you everyone for sticking around with us as one of your favorite eRepublik fan … preberi več »

Sorry for MIA because I was working on getting our future POTUS set up...

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Sorry that I've been MIA nor any new WWW radio episodes have been produced. A BIG BUNDLES OF JOY entered my life. I'm so proud of my spouse. Mama bear is healthy but tired. Please welcome Mr. Bryson … preberi več »