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[UNL] Government news

25 Dan 760, 04:19 Published in Netherlands Netherlands

Anybody who has not been dwelling in a cave for the last week will be aware that this was a very successful time for the United Netherlands, and the government would like to thank everyone for their hard work in the fighting!

The obvious news for

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[R&C] Plan for Recruitment and Coaching

3 Dan 758, 03:25 Published in Netherlands Netherlands

Plan for Recruitment and Coaching

Here you can read up about the new plans for Recruitment and Coaching.
The plan is that every new citizens will get a chance to get coached properly and that they know to who they have to direct there … preberi več »

[UNL] Some tips on wellness

5 Dan 757, 08:16 Published in Netherlands Netherlands

Have you considered the benefits of maintaining high wellness? Of course it seems like an obvious question, low wellness means meeting your eRepublik maker! But there are benefits to maintaining the best level of wellness that many citizens may not

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[UNL] Information on Phoenix

6 Dan 751, 03:54 Published in Netherlands Netherlands

The foreign affairs of the United Netherlands have changed considerably in the last few days, and the Ministry of Media and Recruiting realises that many new players (and likely some old players) may be confused about the current situation. As of

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[UNL] The new government...

22 Dan 744, 12:38 Published in Netherlands Netherlands

Tonight i am proud to present you the new government (I&W, GLD and LP) of the UNL:

Prime Minister: Deviltje (I&W)

Minister of Home affairs: Mark preberi več »