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[UNL] Weekly News

5 Dan 695, 05:41 Published in Netherlands Netherlands

Here's the news from the government. We hope it is interesting and we'll make sure the Weekly News will be published weekly.
The ministry of Media & Health will also publish some tutorials for new citizens to help them get to learn the game fast

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[Information] UNL Forum and IRC Channels [REPOST]

2 Dan 693, 03:16 Published in Netherlands Netherlands

UNL Forum
We have a forum with lots of information about eRepublik and the United Netherlands.
The adress is : www.enetherlands.nl

If you are a new citizen in the UNL, you can ask for an extra … preberi več »

Fighting Tutorial

10 Dan 691, 07:02 Published in Netherlands Netherlands

In the United Netherlands you can fight almost every day. Fighting is fun, you'll level faster if you fight because every fight gives you two xp (experience points), it will make you and your country stronger and it can improve your health. So

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[UNL]Weekly News extra

8 Dan 689, 00:30 Published in Netherlands Netherlands

Our Ambassador Peace GC is very busy so his report about what is going on in our alliance came to late for the weekly news. Nevertheless it is published now.


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[UNL]Weekly News

10 Dan 688, 11:43 Published in Netherlands Netherlands

Here is the news from the government. We hope it is interesting and we will make sure it will be send out each week. This ministry will also publish soon some tutorials so people will get involved easier.


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