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[M&H] New minister

11 Dan 837, 13:41 Published in Netherlands Netherlands

Dear citizens,

Yesterday, the Minister of M&H quit. Therefore the government was looking for a new candidate.
I resigned as chairman to become minister at M&H because I find it very important that as much information must be given as

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Open job

5 Dan 836, 09:45 Published in Netherlands Netherlands

Dear citizens of the Netherlands,

Because of the resignation of Thomas Fairfax, we are in need of a new Minister of Media and Health.
The task of Media and Health is simple, you inform the citizens about what is going on.
You will write

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Referendum: United or not? That's the question

13 Dan 833, 01:05 Published in Netherlands Netherlands

Dear citizens of the United Netherlands,

We(the government), have decided to make an referendum on the union. We don't think we should decide on the union, so we ask it to you this way.

You can find it here.

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[eUNL] Weekly government update

7 Dan 825, 02:23 Published in Netherlands Netherlands

A new week, new government meetings, and more news to report from the government! This is a brief summary of some recent government activity from the ministries.

Ministry of Home Affairs – [url=http://www.erepublik.com/en/citizen/profile/

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Our babies are being born too early! (metaphorically speaking)

4 Dan 822, 15:45 Published in Netherlands Netherlands

progressive restructuring of coaching

At the Ministry of R&C we recently talked about the idea of implementing a more pro-active form of … preberi več »