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[M&H] keep your Belgian Citizenship and move to Wallonia

4 Dan 719, 04:26 Published in Netherlands Netherlands

Dear citizens,
Day 717 was a sad day for our United Nation. EDEN forces attacked Brussels and Wallonia. We lost the region of Brussels, but we secured Wallonia. We, the citizens of UNL and our allies from PEACE, fought like hell, but in the last

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[M&H Info] Fighting Tutorial [REPOST]

8 Dan 716, 14:01 Published in Netherlands Netherlands

In the United Netherlands you can fight almost every day. Fighting is fun, you'll level faster if you fight because every fight gives you two xp (experience points), it will make you and your country stronger and it can improve your health. So

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[UNL] Weekly News

5 Dan 716, 07:05 Published in Netherlands Netherlands

Presidential Election
Today is election day. A very special election day because most eUNL citizens are more concerned about the elections in eBelgium than the eUNL elections.

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[M&H Info]Get Involved: Join the UNL Forum, IRC and Army!

2 Dan 714, 05:26 Published in Netherlands Netherlands

Version française
[url=http://www.erepublik.com/en/article/-m-amp-h-info-laat-van-u-horen-op-het-unl-forum-irc-en-in-preberi več »

Governement program for November 2009

21 Dan 711, 15:21 Published in Netherlands Netherlands

After the result of the recent elections, president ArtemIvanov decided to name Kravenn (BP current President) as “Formateur”

As formateur, Kravenn decided to try to make a coalition between the BP and the LSD. The coalition BP + LSD has 24 seats

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