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[Information] UNL Forum and IRC Channels [REPOST]

1 Dan 662, 03:38 Nizozemska

We have a forum which holds lots of information!

The adress is : http://www.enetherlands.nl

If you are a new citizen in the UNL, you can ask for an extra bonus!

Register on the forum, react in http://www.enetherlands.nl/

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Weekly News (Part 2)

1 Dan 660, 09:29 Nizozemska

This is Part 2 of the weekly news from the UNL government.


RW threats loom over the Eunl. Internal a little, and external from a disagreement between Peace and part of Hungary.

- We will ensure that the … preberi več »

Foreign Affairs is looking for Ambassadors!

4 Dan 660, 09:24 Nizozemska

Hello citizens of The United Netherlands!

Your government's Foreign Affairs department is looking for new ambassadors, and you could be just what we need. "Why would I want to be an ambassador?" you may ask. Well, here are a few reasons:

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A Very Large Donation By Kixtart!!!!

20 Dan 660, 08:33 Nizozemska

In the Weekly News (part 1 ) we just told you that we had to buy a company back for 130 Gold.. a very large loss for the government.

Just moments ago we received a very large gift to make up the loss. Kixtart, the runner up for the last

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Weekly News (Part 1)

2 Dan 660, 07:34 Nizozemska

This week we will publish the weekly news in 2 parts. Part 2 will be published within the next hours.

Home Affairs

It is quite busy in the Home affairs office. People come and go and my wife keeps calling when i … preberi več »