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[INFO]The UNL Constitution

1 Dan 673, 01:17 Published in Netherlands Netherlands

The constitution group, a group open to all UNL citizens, has written a constitution for the United Netherlands. A referendum will be held and all UNL citizens registered on the eUNL forum will be able to vote for or against this constitution.

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[INFO] Governement Meeting

24 Dan 672, 10:17 Published in Netherlands Netherlands

Dear Citizens,

As you all know last week a lot has happened in the UNL.
Sundaynight the government and the partypresidents of the top 5 parties had a meeting on IRC. The meeting was arranged by our Prime Minister Olv007. Unfortunately not all

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[UNL]Weekly News

9 Dan 669, 07:45 Published in Netherlands Netherlands

Last week a lot has happened. Some citizens tried to take over GVD, 2 citizens tried to rob the state treasury, there where some discussions between LSD and I&W and our president isn't active at the moment (read this article for more info)
Not all

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LSD, BP and I&W are looking for new Ministers! [UPDATE]

15 Dan 667, 11:29 Published in Netherlands Netherlands

The current government consists out of the following ministers:

President ThomasRed (BP)

Prime Minister: Vacant

Recruitment & Coaching: Vacant
State companies & Goldmarket: Apotygma (BP)
Raws: Vacant,

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[Information] UNL Forum and IRC Channels [REPOST]

1 Dan 662, 03:38 Published in Netherlands Netherlands

We have a forum which holds lots of information!

The adress is : http://www.enetherlands.nl

If you are a new citizen in the UNL, you can ask for an extra bonus!

Register on the forum, react in http://www.enetherlands.nl/

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