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Farewell eVenezuela

3 Dan 523, 19:42 Published in Venezuela Venezuela

Versión en español a continuación.

Goodbye e Venezuela! I wish that we had met under different circumstances. I'm sorry to those of you I started to make friends with.

eVenezuela Adiós! Deseo que se había reunido en diversas

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Question and Answer Article/ Preguntas y respuestas artículo

5 Dan 518, 21:28 Published in Venezuela Venezuela

I just wanted to write this article to give anyone and everyone a chance to ask me any question you may have. I am running for congress in the capital of eVenezuela and my fellow citizens have a right to know what I stand for and what I plan to

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Me estoy presentando para un congreso!

6 Dan 515, 18:00 Published in Venezuela Venezuela

English is at bottom. I also put in two Spanish versions because I'm not sure which one works the best. Please let me know which Spanish version is the best. I would also love to answer any questions you may have in the comments. Thank you!

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