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First time... It was...Not what I expected

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'Murica, Heck Yeah!

It was a bit of an exercise in futility, but if we don't ever try, how will we know...

Everybody please fight in [url=http://www.erepublik.com/preberi več »

Give yourselves a round of applause

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You have done a great thing for our eCountry! Together we have managed to raise $2,060 for the Department of the Interior for use in … preberi več »

Women, Alcohol, and Charity!

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So, I'm going to write this article in the best way I know how to get subscribers. Hot women and booze(beer too of course)!

Oh, and did I mention that

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Congressional Tournament

4 Dan 865, 08:06 ZDA

Remember to vote for your favorite congressman, Beerman616, today in the Congressional Tournament put out by Emmanuel Cruise. I'm in the trolls division... :P


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In Regards to Eden

14 Dan 863, 11:05 ZDA

It's been fun, keep in touch!

Congressional voting closed on the matter yesterday, and the vote to leave Eden was well into the

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