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Remember to vote for Beerman616 in Hawaii!!

9 Dan 855, 15:47 Published in USA USA

Original campaign article here!

You know I'm the best choice for Hawaii, so just vote for me already!


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Hello Hawaii...Part Deux

8 Dan 853, 08:18 Published in USA USA

Well, I know that last month was a bit of a mess due to me being a blocker and getting elected, but I think (and I’m sure you’d agree) that I could’ve done much worse. In fact, I like to think I did a pretty good job as a congressman. Don’t get me

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Hello Hawaii

22 Dan 826, 07:49 Published in USA USA

You heard it right, I'm running for congress in the great ocean state of Hawaii! I was the General of the Mobile Infantry from September … preberi več »

Some Thoughts on WW3

1 Dan 630, 09:38 Published in USA USA

We've been engaged in this epic battle for quite some time now...almost a month. During this time I've actually had enough gold to start the company I want, I've spent all that gold on weapons, and I've made the rank of General (both in game and

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I'm hungry for some peace...

4 Dan 608, 21:23 Published in USA USA

peace can see the end is near. I'm just glad the eUS and our allies are the ones to put them out of their misery.

Make sure that you all follow orders to the letter! DO NOT QUESTION YOUR ORDERS. Period. Military members make sure you follow

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