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America - I am Disappoint

Hari ke 1,799, 12:16 Diterbitkan di USA Amerika Serikat oleh Israel Stevens

I’ve been lurking around eRepublik since my term ended. Hanging out in only a few IRC rooms with the SEALs and some of my friends. It’s been a great retirement.

But I’ve also been reading the media. And quite frankly, I am very disappointed with some of the articles that I am reading.

Right now, we are the closest we have ever been to being completely taken over politically (PTO’d). We have had PTO Congressmen before, and even PTO Party Presidents. But we have never lost the Presidency, nor the majority of Congress. We may lose both of those things in the next two weeks. This isn’t fear mongering. This is the absolute truth. We are teetering on the tip of a knife, and I’m not sure we’re going to make it out of this one.

This is a dire time, and now more than ever, we must come together. Articles calling for people to vote against the USWP, and blaming the President for actions beyond his control are completely out of touch with the current situation. These articles do absolutely nothing to reverse the dire situation we are in. They only serve as a way to further divide us.

You want to criticize the President? Excellent. We need to make sure that our leaders are being held accountable. But how about we actually criticize him on his policies and actions, as opposed to whatever happens to be upsetting us at the time.

Protip: Pfeiffer can’t ban you from the forums. You need to complain to a forum admin about that. But forum admins are not convenient targets, are they?

Aeriala wrote an article that was sort of about CTRL but it was mostly just bashing the President for having the audacity to exist.
I’m not a fan of how our President Arundel has interacted with CTRL, but if you are going to criticize him for it, actually make it about his decisions and actions, not just hurr durr, Pfeiffer is the devil. We don’t need this divisive bulls*t right now. We need to find a way out of this PTO mess.

There was another article, published late last night, that when I read it, I wanted to quit the game. Just send in a ticket to the admins, and end all of this miserable suffering.

It was written by Candor, someone that I respect the hell out of. He is a far better writer, and probably a better person than I am. But his assertion that the eUS Military’s split from the government is the root cause of our current situation, is tenuous.
But what I find much more concerning, was his decision to bring up the split at all, and to actually delve into it, and discuss it. This is without a doubt, the most dividing thing that the American community has ever dealt with. If you were alive at the time of the split, then you probably have an opinion on it.
The split means many things, to many people. Very few of those things are good. To rehash it now, at such a critical time is incredibly dangerous. We don’t need to be thinking of the things that divide us, we need to be working towards freeing ourselves from this PTO.

When one of our President’s most vocal adversaries takes the time to write an article actually defending him, then perhaps it’s time to stop bashing the President, simply because he hurt your feelings once. Grow up.
Glove gets it.
There are much bigger things at work here than whether or not you think the President is an okay guy. The fate of our country quite literally is resting in the balance.

If you’re reading this article, make sure you are doing everything you can to prevent the United States from falling into Serbian hands. Do not just assume that someone else will do the work. Make a concerted effort to log in on Thursday the 25th and vote for the American Military Party, Federalist Party or United States Workers Party.


Israel Stevens
Israel Stevens Hari ke 1,799, 12:17

How about instead of fighting each other, we fight the Serbians?

It's what Clinton would want us to do.

Mr. Heisenberg
Mr. Heisenberg Hari ke 1,799, 12:17


Oblige Hari ke 1,799, 12:20


Gmarsanu Hari ke 1,799, 12:21


ErrOrka Hari ke 1,799, 12:23

: )

Sinan Ks
Sinan Ks Hari ke 1,799, 12:27


ilphen Hari ke 1,799, 12:31

true dat

The-Comedian Hari ke 1,799, 12:32

"Make a concerted effort to log in on Thursday the 25th and vote for the American Military Party, Federalist Party or United States Workers Party. "

Will do, o7.

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Hari ke 1,799, 12:33

Hey IS, making a joke about a war crime is NOT funny...

also, youa re good friends with Pfeiffer, you admit to it....

He is the most divisive, hated member of the "establishment" in the game....

and FYI, the vast majority of our party is non-Serb, as are our Congressmen.

Having said that, they are good people and honest players, and I would take 1 of them over 10 of you any day.

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Hari ke 1,799, 12:33

and don't forget the INCI, they made you #1 last month!

Smiljan Hari ke 1,799, 12:37

you're absolutely right!

bigcdizzle Hari ke 1,799, 12:37


Thorin II Oakenshield
Thorin II Oakenshield Hari ke 1,799, 12:38

Let's elect Largo for PoTUS 20 days ago : )

logamac Hari ke 1,799, 12:38

Well I agree with the vote federalist part

Kemal Ergenekon
Kemal Ergenekon Hari ke 1,799, 12:38


Rona1d Hari ke 1,799, 12:42


DokJon Hari ke 1,799, 12:42


fingerguns Hari ke 1,799, 12:46

"Make a concerted effort to log in on Thursday the 25th and vote for the American Military Party, Federalist Party or United States Workers Party. "


Dutch Marley
Dutch Marley Hari ke 1,799, 12:46

Not sure if Glove is defending Pfeiffer. He actually rips on him. Then just says he does not think Brozil should be offended by the post.

Just saying.

Henry Pfeiffer Arundel
Henry Pfeiffer Arundel Hari ke 1,799, 12:47

I mean, Clinton was 42, I'm 42...maybe we should go to Serbia.

Too bad we don't have an air strike handy.

GregoryG Hari ke 1,799, 12:50

Might I interject that this Clinton thing is really lame? Serbians do not think it's nice to use 911 as an insult.

Jon Malcom
Jon Malcom Hari ke 1,799, 12:53

"There was another article, published late last night, that when I read it, I wanted to quit the game. Just send in a ticket to the admins, and end all of this miserable suffering."

But damned if you didn't...

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Hari ke 1,799, 12:55


Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Hari ke 1,799, 13:01


AlBrave Hari ke 1,799, 13:04

Ready to come back in US to cast my vote!

(ex xxerex)

Ethan Seelowe
Ethan Seelowe Hari ke 1,799, 13:08

interesting read. and interesting comments. the political scene over in the eUSA is way more interesting than where I have cs atm.

Thedillpickl Hari ke 1,799, 13:15

Henry Pfeiffer Arundel
Day 1,799, 12:47
"...maybe we should go to Serbia.
Too bad we don't have an air strike handy."

Maybe Henry is just joking around, IDK. But this leaves me sour. I donated a huge about of food (for one person) and then was laughed at when I suggested on the forum that we needed air strike capability.

Another bitter pill is that I was trying to tell folks a year ago this could happen. GL to us but I fear you are closing the barn door after the horse is out.

Texan Cowboy
Texan Cowboy Hari ke 1,799, 13:16

To mention Clinton and RL bull*** that guy was pulling is simply rude and bad taste to say the least. It's like what Gregory said. When a number of Americans published "never forget" articles" on 9/11, many Serbs, including me, commented by offering our condolences. You can't make something good, when it's bad. And as for what Michele said about going after eSerbia, my message is: Bring it on, bitches

fingerguns Hari ke 1,799, 13:35

My experience with Serbs and 9/11 articles wasn't exactly condolences. Kind of the exact opposite of that.

Not that it really matters.

bigcdizzle Hari ke 1,799, 13:39

While my experience with Serbs about 9/11 was not kind either, I understand what you guys are saying. The Clinton thing should be left alone.

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Hari ke 1,799, 13:45

Israel Stevens
'Protip: Pfeiffer can’t ban you from the forums.'

I believe Fluffer very proudly and openly declared that it was he who slammed the ban hammer...that is unless he went back and deleted the comment...however you want me to criticize his about he proposes an MPP with Brazil and then attaches a gif calling them monkeys...pretty FN immature if you ask me...not to mention undiplomatic...and if you think Glove is defending Fluffer your delusional....

Emperor Rick
Emperor Rick Hari ke 1,799, 13:49

Stop putting up corrupt candidates like Pfeiffer and there won't be a PTO threat, it's that simple

Unbias Hari ke 1,799, 13:49

you guys are now a bunch of crybabies, we need to stand behind the US government and stop this PTO to the US. Stop crying about he said, she said, get over it and move on, there are more important things at hand right now.

Addy Lawrence
Addy Lawrence Hari ke 1,799, 13:51

"and FYI, the vast majority of our party is non-Serb, as are our Congressmen."

That is supposed to provide comfort? Your party and congressmen should completely EXCLUDE Serb.

fingerguns Hari ke 1,799, 13:54

Emperor Rick, are you saying the PTO threat didn't exist until Pfeiffer was elected?

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Hari ke 1,799, 13:56

There will be three other Top 5 parties...AMP, FEDS and either the iNCi or WTP...all excellent parties and not a threat to PTO the country...what that will do is two fold...control the AFA and control the stupidity of our placing a powerful voting block in Congress of mature diplomatic citizens....unless you are saying one of the above parties is also a terror origination....the USWP maybe?...seems they like using threats and intimation...

Salahudin el Ajub
Salahudin el Ajub Hari ke 1,799, 14:03


Srpski Sin 83
Srpski Sin 83 Hari ke 1,799, 14:10

Last president election were "close" because you had option between PTOer and douche that you putted in that position. I am sure results would be a lot better if there was any other players in Pfeiffer place. I am sure that some real Americans voted for Hanibal then and we will see that on next elections. AFA doesn't have more than lets say 500-600 votes and everyone knows that as if it was any different they would defend WTP party before....

Mcbober Hari ke 1,799, 14:12

Call it a PTO and use as much scare tactics as you want, the reality is that we are simply Americans with a different point of view and tired of people like Arundel being in power. We want our resources back, we want to stop being extorted by INCI, we want our country, and we won't stop until we get it.

Allen Webster
Allen Webster Hari ke 1,799, 14:20

vote LARGO on the 5th!!!!!

Kaptain Kidd
Kaptain Kidd Hari ke 1,799, 14:44

If the choice was Hitler or bin Laden does that mean we should all sign up and join with Hilter because he has a plan that will take out al-queda?

Mr.Cypriot Hari ke 1,799, 14:59

We The People

Candor Hari ke 1,799, 15:08

Voted, I respect you quite a lot as well.

We can overcome a PTO, but not the way we've been playing, and probably not in the short term no matter what. We have to reasses p-much everything we've been doing for at least two years. I used the mil split as a time marker and early symptom of our root problems, but not the cause, if you read closely.

The nation is a community, not buttons. And it won't go anywhere regardless, but it's too weak to defend itself. And there is a reason for that.

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Hari ke 1,799, 16:22

^ I am going to be CP. You are going to either let me.. or I am going to make you. I have been waiting for 3 1/2 years. It is way past my turn to make America awesome....

kavinaugh Hari ke 1,799, 16:59

lol u r already making us gipper. and by awesome, do u mean destroyed? cuz thts what i think ur pushin 4 u douchebag

Stan Brown
Stan Brown Hari ke 1,799, 17:18

Hey Ajay only LOYAL, WORTHY candidates that remain the same gender as they were at birth deserve CP.

PigInZen Hari ke 1,799, 18:45

Tons of false equivalencies in these comments. Sheesh, incredible amount of logic fail.

Syz2 Hari ke 1,799, 19:04

"I am going to be CP. You are going to either let me.. or I am going to make you. I have been waiting for 3 1/2 years."

Seriously? Anyone who says something like that is never going to have a chance of getting my vote. I certainly hope everyone else feels the same.

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