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We The People

Id-partypresident Mike Ontry     US USA     National rank: 3    

Vice President

Ec4d2cd91617083242da097309ec28ea Bobby Canell

Secretary General

F8b23ae36418dba80ac00158cc6fc1e9 Cubby


23bea67ff86f847983efe4d32773cc53 The Mike


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For the people - By the people - WE THE PEOPLE! Tired of toeing the party line? Come join the party where you can have your own say!

Members 145

Orientation Center, Libertarian

Become a successful politician


Icon_position_politics_partypresidentParty presidency

Party President

Next election in15 days 5 candidates  


10 congress members

  16.13%  of Congress


Next elections in 25 days

Icon_position_politics_presidentCountry presidency

Next elections in 5 days

No candidate proposed

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