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Logamac for congress

7 Day 1,003, 23:29 United Kingdom

Hello, I am logamac. I am candidating for congress in London.

What have I done?:

I have been in congress 7 times. Yeah be shocked. I know I am.

Czech MoD (then

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Logamacs weekly update

8 Day 995, 05:46 United Kingdom


Hello eUK, I am logamac from Scotland giving you weekly updates about the country and other countries around the world. Normally this would be published on Saturdays. I hope you enjoy the article and can’t wait to … read more »

Remove Logamac from the blacklist.

11 Day 992, 14:06 United Kingdom

I want to live in my real life country and serve it. I hope that people will support this.

PS. Don't troll or I will report. … read more »