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Logamac For Congress

6 Day 1,038, 09:08 Singapore

I am Logamac and I am candidating from The New Green party.

eSingapore has went down hill lately. Thousands of bots were created and we lost about 300 citizens.

The wages are way too low.

But we can survive as a country. The strongest

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The Singapore Questions and Answers.

6 Day 1,022, 11:16 Singapore

I told the president about this and he accepted.

This will be a thing on ever week on monday at 11:00 erepublik time.

This will be a place where you can ask the president questions.

So come along next week.

iRC Channel: #eSGQnA

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Why I vote TYJ

4 Day 1,019, 13:19 Singapore

Because I like him just like a muffin:

Chewie well just watch him rave:

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Labour party. (new party song)

18 Day 1,014, 11:36 Singapore

About the labour party:

This party wants to help the work force not to start an uprising. So please keep your annoying troll messages to yourself.

The party is a … read more »


5 Day 1,012, 04:16 Singapore

And plus I hate cars.

Replying to this comment.

I am not a bot maker. Bot makers are sad fat people in a chair.

Stop making rumours about me.

Thats all.
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