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Taiwan isn't Kazawan [UPDATE]

35 Day 1,058, 06:32 Singapore

I have seen all these threads on the off topic forum and I seen this country name Kazawan. I looked into it and I seen this "religion" called Zammuelism … read more »

Singaporean Labour Party (Beginning of a new party?)

5 Day 1,056, 09:28 Singapore

Hello people of Singapore and members of the New Green Party. You may remember the last time I tried to create my very own party. This party was The Singaporean Labour Party ( … read more »

Logamacs plans for the future.

7 Day 1,050, 10:17 Singapore

Hello People of eSingapore. I say well done and good luck to Thedark Ace. I hope that he will be a great president and hopefully fix our economy.

What have I been planning?

Yes I am trying to create the eSingaporean labour party again. I will

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Logamac has twitter

6 Day 1,049, 13:29 Singapore

Technology is shocking.

You can add me on twitter. Never knew computers were that strong

If you follow me you will get some early news on what i will do so go click this link and look at my random crap I put on it.

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Well done to the new congress.

3 Day 1,042, 03:56 Singapore

I want to say well done to the new congress members (including me).

I hope we will be a strong congress that will stay loyal to our country eSingapore.

I am happy to say that all the safe candidates were elected.

I mean Arbryn, Thedark Ace,

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