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This paper was once serious. Like the Guardian.

Then it degenerated. Think the Sun.

Finally it just became a load of bollocks. Like the Daily Mail.

EXCLUSIVE: China...Tescos attack

2 Day 1,387, 07:21 United Kingdom Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Much like Ghengis Khan with the Mongolians, Alexander the Great with the Macedonians and Darth Vadar and the Empire, China have spread forth through Asia, using the multi-chain supermarket Tescos to influence the public into surrendering to the

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Plato unleashes new weapon

13 Day 1,386, 11:18 United Kingdom First steps in eRepublik First steps in eRepublik

After the success of the bazooka...pfft...Plato has today unveiled the newest weapon. A nuke, or nuclear bomb to all you more civilised types. Yes. After you've collected the 7,462 parts necessary for assembly, you unleash it on the battlefield. It

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I wish Alex Salmond played eRepublik...

5 Day 1,385, 13:00 United Kingdom Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

If only someone like Salmond played eRepublik, we'd all be rolling in wealth and would have conquered the world. Yes, people. That is why I liked jamesw. He had real ambition. We even attacked Canada. To be brutally honest, we had balls of steel.

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I order eUK to attack Czech Republic on the orders of me, a Scot.

1 Day 1,383, 10:57 United Kingdom Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

Damn you Czech Republik! You people are divers! You do not deserve to grace the face of the world. I think that, on behalf of Scotland, eUk should charge through France, Poland, Austria and which other countries are in our way just so we can attack

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Free bread for every reader*

11 Day 1,365, 11:10 United Kingdom Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

Now that I've got your attention, the bread terms and conditions are at the bottom. I've not been around for a while, you know going on holiday to Barcelona and all. But I'm back now. So.....How are things? I returned to find a fully fledged war

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