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PTH, It's just not on...

22 Day 813, 20:05 Published in Australia Australia


I'm a pretty tolerant guy - REALLY. I mean, sometimes I get full of beer and talk myself up on a random Saturday night, but never do I really get angry or as annoyed as I am this afternoon.

No surprises at [url=http://www.erepublik.

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Vanilla or Strawberry. Private or Public? It's ALL ICE CREAM!

18 Day 800, 13:03 Published in Australia Australia

I've been watching with interest the debates on the forums, and reading several articles recently where there seems to be some undercurrent of tension and flaming about the Private (private militia) vs. Public (government militia) Military Debate.

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[AMP] Put Ranger in the mix this month: You know you want to!

10 Day 796, 20:27 Published in Australia Australia

Dear Voters.

This election, vote for people who want to make a difference, not just take the 5 gold and head off into the hills.

I won't go back over my previous article [url=

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Publican for CONGRESS....RELOADED.

7 Day 792, 05:17 Published in Australia Australia


I have not been in Senate in eAustralia since May 2009. So, WHY THE HELL WOULD I CONSIDER RUNNING AGAIN!?!


Short answer: No. But eAustralia, you need two things this coming election. Perspective, and partisanship.

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I intend to BRING IT.

32 Day 786, 04:07 Published in Australia Australia

Ok eAustralia

/me puts game face on.

You want me to bring it? FINE.

I announce two things.

Firstly, I am an eAustralian Citizen again.


I intend to run...

As your Minister of Defence. Or whatever you call it now. TO

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