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Ranger's Analysis: CP election

30 Day 1,079, 23:04 Published in Australia Australia

Well, an interesting pre-campaign from the big 3 - Hinokai, Wally Wilson, and Paul Hamon.



A good cabinet with a number of strong and committed eAussies. I do think Hinokai has released a more detailed economic

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Why am I here?

4 Day 1,070, 02:11 Published in Australia Australia

...'nuff said.
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So um, Ranger, why did you do it?

7 Day 1,069, 23:57 Published in Australia Australia

Hi all

I've kept largely silent until now about my candidacy for South Australia because I didn't want a run with bells and whistles this time around. I'm also not going to (for once) bore you with how I intend on changing the world.

Why did

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Why is there no ANZAC Spirit?

27 Day 1,064, 00:44 Published in Australia Australia


Quick question to both the eNZ and eAus governments. WHY ON EARTH IS THERE NO eANZAC spirit between us?

Our two nations have a healthy rivalry - sure. There's as many jokes about NZ's as there is in NZ about Aussies. And, sure, in

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What is was...what was...will be again.

18 Day 1,033, 00:18 Published in Australia Australia

I agree wholeheartedly with zaney.

Don't give up, don't quit. We are a community and this is but a game. Keep fighting and rue the day the people who have taken our land see once again, a whole nation.

Wander. I honestly believe this was a

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