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Hi Malaysia - introductions...

22 Day 729, 17:02 Published in Malaysia Malaysia


For those who don't know me, I am Ranger Bob (ranger) and I have recently decided to move from eAustralia and become a citizen of your fine country.

I was born in March 2009, and have been a very committed member of eRepublik, almost to the

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Thoughts...and a solution.

10 Day 718, 17:45 Published in Australia Australia


Please bear with me, as I have refrained from writing a social commentary piece for a while.

I have been looking at all this brou-hah hah over PaPP and Paul Hamon in particular. As I understand it, other than the first infraction (which

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A tribute to ET: A nation mourns...

22 Day 703, 18:18 Published in Australia Australia

I would like to take this opportunity to write a tribute to a great guy.

Probably one of the best people I know on eRepublik has decided to quit, and rejoin the ranks of the real

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Has eAus GONE MAD?!

29 Day 671, 08:51 Published in Australia Australia

Hi all

On holiday as I currently am, I only occasionally get to log on.

However, when I have the rare opportunity to be online, I have been somewhat amazed to see what has been going on during my absence. Money was stolen, fingers pointed

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Order of Australia : Nominations, August 2009

4 Day 638, 17:28 Published in Australia Australia

Do you know of a great eAustralian, deserving of recognition due to their dedication and love of this fine nation?

Well, now is the time to speak up!

I hereby open nominations for the August 2009 Order of Australia Medals. This prestigious

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