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Elect Ranger one more time.

12 Day 1,098, 01:44 Australia

Hi eAus

I'll run again for you. This time around, I'm running for the ANP.

I _know_. Pretty freaky, huh?

I've never minded the ANP. And, apparently, they don't mind me.

I am NOT the kind of person to make little of my views. So,

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The end of a meaningful relationship.

24 Day 1,084, 03:52 Australia


I heard today that B3nP was defriended by Rowan Quigley.

I always bemoan the end of a great relationship. These two wonderful guys met earlier in 2010, and the magnetism was just … read more »

Ranger's Analysis: CP election

30 Day 1,079, 23:04 Australia

Well, an interesting pre-campaign from the big 3 - Hinokai, Wally Wilson, and Paul Hamon.



A good cabinet with a number of strong and committed eAussies. I do think Hinokai has released a more detailed economic

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Why am I here?

4 Day 1,070, 02:11 Australia

...'nuff said.
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So um, Ranger, why did you do it?

7 Day 1,069, 23:57 Australia

Hi all

I've kept largely silent until now about my candidacy for South Australia because I didn't want a run with bells and whistles this time around. I'm also not going to (for once) bore you with how I intend on changing the world.

Why did

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