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" know how, when a baby is first born, it just cries at the sheer horror of being alive?"
-Julie (Scott Pilgrim Volume 3)


6 Day 1,050, 12:40 Published in Switzerland Switzerland

First, it is I Paul,
Let me illustrate my unhappiness with Pictures,
THis is me when I came to my computer:

Thats right, I was eating CAKE

This is me after I checked the

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Ill Be Your Dipping Sauce Bitch

9 Day 1,041, 17:35 Published in Switzerland Switzerland

Finally, another Article of Goodbye Blue Monday,

This article is going to be in two parts,

first off: yes, I changed my profile picture, the south park era has ended, as cool as Stan is, i was getting bored of him, so now my profile

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The Legend of Paul!

18 Day 1,021, 10:19 Published in Switzerland Switzerland

Whoo, old games are really pixelated
Hey, this is my farewell from Presidency article, as my good friend Jimakos-Thess will be president (though it was a close race), but I first … read more »

Weekend Update, Constitution, and Jobs Jobs and more Jobs!

14 Day 1,007, 19:22 Published in Switzerland Switzerland

This Article of Good-Bye Blue Monday will be divided into three parts,
-Jobs, Jobs, and more Jobs
-Weekend Update
-The Constitution
Starting with,
Jobs, Jobs and more Jobs
As you know, the previous

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The Government-Day 1000

24 Day 1,000, 18:28 Published in Switzerland Switzerland

This article of Good-Bye Blue Monday will be divided into three parts, the first will be non-government related, the next two will consist of our slightly late weekly report,

-Day 1000
-Weekly Report
-Addressing Criticism

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