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The musings of Artela, never the same twice


8 Day 948, 16:31 United Kingdom

According to my information, Aries’ are Active, Demanding, Determined, Effective and Ambitious. In that case, what are you doing sat in front of that screen!! Never mind, a person … read more »


2 Day 946, 14:21 United Kingdom

I am definitely not standing so if you see my name anywhere it is a figment of your imagination and you should not vote for it.

Instead, please vote for one of the official SDP candidates to be found in this list:

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7 Day 945, 09:36 United Kingdom

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The long awaited V2 Beta Test

6 Day 938, 13:46 United Kingdom

OK, so I have an account in the beta test for V2.

Initial reactions...

...followed by a bit of...


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The Enemy Repelled?

1 Day 923, 03:13 United Kingdom

The continuing saga...
So, Billy Not-so-Bright managed to get his account temporarily suspended for insulting people, and attempts by an American multi from within … read more »