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The musings of Artela, never the same twice


7 Day 945, 09:36 United Kingdom

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The long awaited V2 Beta Test

6 Day 938, 13:46 United Kingdom

OK, so I have an account in the beta test for V2.

Initial reactions...

...followed by a bit of...


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The Enemy Repelled?

1 Day 923, 03:13 United Kingdom

The continuing saga...
So, Billy Not-so-Bright managed to get his account temporarily suspended for insulting people, and attempts by an American multi from within … read more »

The Enemy Within

5 Day 922, 15:40 United Kingdom

It seems that the latest fastest rising party is getting its backing from the USA. Not only do the party concerned have no idea about the mechanics of this wonderful … read more »

Official SDP Candidate List for May Parliament

1 Day 917, 01:02 United Kingdom

The official candidate list can be found here:

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