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Congress: Standing again for the South West

2 Day 910, 09:58 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom

Once again I will be standing for Congress in the South West of England. There is an outline here that has my simple manifesto in it, but I will repeat the main points here.

I won't promise the earth

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Congratulations to the whole SDP

3 Day 908, 02:03 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom

You may think that's an odd title, but I'll tell you why I've chosen it.

The SDP managed a voter turnout for the PP elections of just under 70% (68.89% if you want precision). That was a brilliant turnout! Every single one of you who voted

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eRepublik Democracy Day

1 Day 907, 03:48 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom

Today is one of those days where people who belong to political parties get to exercise their right to vote for a new Party President. I strongly urge all party members (of whichever party) to use their votes and exercise that democratic right.

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Odd that...

0 Day 903, 14:14 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom

...I wonder why the SDP suddenly has 4 congress members instead of just little old me? It couldn't be, perhaps, could it, because there are some non-SDP people who have joined the party in an effort to PTO it? Surely not!

There are two candidates

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Elections for PM

0 Day 897, 05:47 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom

I urge everyone to go and cast their votes today, no matter the candidate they are backing. In order to have true democracy every voice must be heard, and the best way to do that is to cast your votes!

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