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Odd that...

0 Day 903, 14:14 United Kingdom

...I wonder why the SDP suddenly has 4 congress members instead of just little old me? It couldn't be, perhaps, could it, because there are some non-SDP people who have joined the party in an effort to PTO it? Surely not!

There are two candidates

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Elections for PM

0 Day 897, 05:47 United Kingdom

I urge everyone to go and cast their votes today, no matter the candidate they are backing. In order to have true democracy every voice must be heard, and the best way to do that is to cast your votes!

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Exercise your democratic rights!

3 Day 887, 01:41 United Kingdom

I urge all my readers to make sure they use their democratic right and vote for their Congresspeople today...

I'll just add one thing...

Think of the kittens!... Will no-one think of the kittens?!

<img src="

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It's Kitten Time!

2 Day 885, 04:40 United Kingdom

Well, I suppose now is the time to up the ante with the &quot;Standing for Congress&quot; Propoganda, so here goes...

My manifesto can be found here:


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Insert Cool Title Here... To Be Decided

16 Day 882, 10:36 United Kingdom Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

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[Artela] The Power of Brotherhood + Personal Achievements

This is where I say ‘Thank You to both eAmerica and eAlbania’.

The AUP returned to its rightful

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