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The musings of Artela, never the same twice

Vote Artela in the South West of England

4 Day 915, 10:20 United Kingdom

We all know how beautiful our part (the South West) of the eUK is. I also know how generous the people of our wonderful region were with their votes for me last time … read more »

Congress: Standing again for the South West

2 Day 910, 09:58 United Kingdom

Once again I will be standing for Congress in the South West of England. There is an outline here that has my simple manifesto in it, but I will repeat the main points here.

I won't promise the earth

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Congratulations to the whole SDP

3 Day 908, 02:03 United Kingdom

You may think that's an odd title, but I'll tell you why I've chosen it.

The SDP managed a voter turnout for the PP elections of just under 70% (68.89% if you want precision). That was a brilliant turnout! Every single one of you who voted

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eRepublik Democracy Day

1 Day 907, 03:48 United Kingdom

Today is one of those days where people who belong to political parties get to exercise their right to vote for a new Party President. I strongly urge all party members (of whichever party) to use their votes and exercise that democratic right.

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Odd that...

0 Day 903, 14:14 United Kingdom

...I wonder why the SDP suddenly has 4 congress members instead of just little old me? It couldn't be, perhaps, could it, because there are some non-SDP people who have joined the party in an effort to PTO it? Surely not!

There are two candidates

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