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Moving onwards

8 Day 1,085, 09:21 United Kingdom

Well, an interesting few days there… interesting in the “Chinese” sense. For those that have not yet caught up with the news, I am no longer CGS of the eUK Armed Forces. There are enough details in the Forum, so I will not rehash old ground (unless

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Vote for Sanity and Reason

4 Day 1,020, 05:34 United Kingdom

Today is the day to vote for our next CP.

This article is a call to people to vote for the two politically experienced candidates to try and ensure that our country is … read more »

Join the eUK Army Today

14 Day 997, 03:13 United Kingdom

JOIN THE eUK ARMY> – Help defend against our invaders!

In the Army you will be asked to work in a military company at military wage for one week and then privately for the next week, in … read more »

[TRD] Restanding for Party Presidency

9 Day 996, 12:20 United Kingdom


Hopefully you won't be surprised to learn that if I get re-elected then I want to get the party as a whole to start facing more to the outside world to

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This week's political round up (from a TRD perspective)

4 Day 978, 07:56 United Kingdom

As this will be, to some, quite a boring article (full of links to do with politics) there will be plenty of cute pictures through out to entertain ;)

So find a nice place to get comfy...

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