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[ESO] Every Single One: People before Parties!

9 Day 1,165, 12:19 United Kingdom

It won’t have escaped the notice of some of my regular readers that I appear to have moved to a new political party. This party is for those who are fed up with the usual Left … read more »

[Artela] Bored? Try Joining the eUK Army!

9 Day 1,157, 14:54 United Kingdom

There are many reasons to get involved in the eUK Army, many of which
appeared in this article. This is yet another of those articles

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[Artela] Pedantry Time

11 Day 1,147, 08:29 United Kingdom

I see a lot of articles these days where basic grammar and spell checking has not been done. The spell checking I can’t do much about, however the common grammar mistakes can be corrected easily if people think about the context of the word they are

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[Artela] Fruitcakes

4 Day 1,130, 16:17 United Kingdom

Dear Santa. I don't want much for Christmas, just for the people reading this to be happy. Friends are the fruit cake of life. Some nutty, some soaked in alcohol and some … read more »

[Artela] Nadolig llawen a blwyddyn newydd dda

3 Day 1,127, 03:34 United Kingdom

Season's Greetings, whichever winter festival you celebrate!!read more »