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Election Reflections

9 Dita 1,905, 09:31 E Publikuar në United Kingdom United Kingdom Debate dhe Analiza Politike Debate dhe Analiza Politike

The last election was, if I may use the technical term, extremely bloody close. With the slimmest of margins as his mandate, can our new Mr. President provide bold and effective leadership?

The two might be more similar than they first appear in

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Auf Wiedersehen, eRepublik

15 Dita 755, 08:08 E Publikuar në Austria Austria

That's correct ladies and gentlemen, today I leave you here at eRepublik.
Not 1 minute ago from writing this did I work my last work and train my last train.

Robert Knotsworth, eRepublik front for my beautiful self, shall no longer respond to

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Die Rot Weiss Rot Partei: Statement

4 Dita 740, 08:26 E Publikuar në Austria Austria

Gruss Gott,

First off, apologies for recent inactivity. I have been involved with some real life political activism.

Now, with the presidential elections fast approaching, I have decided to bring out a statement regarding Rot Weiss Rot's aims

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Rot Weiss Rot bis in den Tod!

17 Dita 730, 11:43 E Publikuar në Austria Austria

Today, a war started by the now resigned president of Hungary to take Burgenland failed - thanks to the efforts of countries all around the world.
From EDEN to Hungarian dissenters, the entire planet revolved around Austria as we bravely stood and

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Emergency conference on the war with Hungary

10 Dita 729, 12:59 E Publikuar në Austria Austria

Austria's leaders gather to decide what to do about the new war with Hungary.

Rangeley: Right. Now as president I call you all here to make a quick and effective decision as to what we can do about the Hungarian crisis. I ask Alfred to open the

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