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Election Reflections

Day 1,905, 09:31 Published in United Kingdom Austria by H. S. Dovewatch

The last election was, if I may use the technical term, extremely bloody close. With the slimmest of margins as his mandate, can our new Mr. President provide bold and effective leadership?

The two might be more similar than they first appear in the current climate. The campaign was fought on a general feeling of pessimism and the need to pull our United eKingdom out of stagnation, the foremost issue being who would be the best man at that particular job. That said, the issue manifested itself slightly more subtly as an argument between, to quote Alphabethis, 'organisation and disorganisation' - with Mr. Feist focusing on collegiate familiarity, the same same Alphabethis proposing a far-reaching systemisation of almost everything (as so excellently expressed here: ) and the narrowly unlucky Butjam something of a middle road.

Not surprisingly, therefore, the strength of Mr. Feist will lie with his colleagues, perhaps legitimising his giant cabinet. The cabinet once again stands as a multi-party group of gaming veterans with obvious commitment, the ability to provide constant expertise here certainly strengthened by the numbers. Nevertheless, our Feisty must be careful. For one thing, his cabinet portfolios have plenty of ambiguity even between departments, never mind within them, and so the inevitable bickering and latent disorganisation of our esteemed eBritons may well be exacerbated, but perhaps more importantly it is a markedly similar set-up to past cabinets which have recently, all the candidates agreed, so failed to restore the eBritish international position and economic woes. Considering the damp tone of the debate, that isn't really want the eUK needs right now: rather, a strong, reforming president.

Of course, this attitude too has its limits. Alphabethis' policies of 'organisation' were very roundly put down by the other candidates as both unrealistic and excessive to the point of counter-productivity, but it remains true that active, reforming figures along side the Old eBoys Cub may produce the kind of results we need.

The truth is that speculation is just that, and we can only wait and see whether our new President's style can foster competence in the government and confidence in the nation.

On the one hand, our cabinet and president might duly provide (and this paper will be observing a completely tack in the debates), on the other we could find ourselves in exactly the same position once again - or, Plato forbid, even worse.



Sir Humphrey Appleby
Sir Humphrey Appleby Day 1,905, 09:35

Excellent article, look forward to reading more of them : 3

HAMlDREZA Day 1,905, 09:40


mick cain
mick cain Day 1,905, 11:46

nice work

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Day 1,905, 12:44

Voted and enjoyed.

Poor butjam though, so bloody close and he lead such a positive and friendly campaign that it was a shame he had to come second. Well done to Richard Feist who also lead a friendly and positive campaign...signs of things to come I hope...and I hope to see butjam run again.

Strength and Honour

Invalidation Day 1,905, 14:30

Intredasting, keep it up.

Danie Fox
Danie Fox Day 1,905, 15:23

Lots of things that went wrong last month were due to decisions made above the cabinet level, this month shouldn't have to much difficulty being more successful than last in that respect.

Elle Roslin
Elle Roslin Day 1,905, 15:37

Larger, more diverse cabinets have actually had a pretty successful history in the eUK if they are prompted and directed effectively from the CP. The trick of course is that if any of them have personal issues with one another it can become prickly = P

wigibob Day 1,906, 10:36

The title rhymes *clicks on the vote button *

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