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Australian Independent (AI) Party President Elections

6 Day 1,453, 22:21 Published in Australia Australia Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

As many of the Independents are aware, the Party President Elections are close now.

There are quite a few members of the Party that have nominated themselves … read more »

AD 2nd Regiment ORDERS [DAY 1430]

1 Day 1,430, 22:29 Published in Australia Australia Battle orders Battle orders

[DAY 1430] Orders: For remaining 2 Hours

All Australian Diggers, 1st and 2nd Regiment Soldiers that can do so should move … read more »

Thank you to eAustralian Voters

8 Day 1,194, 22:02 Published in Australia Australia

My Fellow eAustralians.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your votes. 36 votes for me personally is a huge accomplishment. Over the last 2 months you have voted me in with both 32 and 36 votes, the highest individual person

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Xavier Griffith for March Senate

9 Day 1,191, 22:59 Published in Australia Australia

My Fellow Australians,

Some of you know me, some of you don’t. Over the last month you have more heard more than enough about me, I am after all, if you believe some of those out there, the one and only person that created and implemented the

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Political Party Politics in eRepublik

11 Day 1,190, 22:23 Published in Australia Australia

We all know in eRepublik that there are Political Parties. We all understand that for those that want to be involved in an eNations political area that we must be a member of a Political Party to be able to do that.

The question arises though

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