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Xavier Griffith Senate Election Presentation

9 Day 610, 01:21 Published in Australia Australia

My Fellow Australians,

After spending some time fighting in the wars with eUSA against PEACE Alliance oppression, i've returned to eAustralia to once again run for the Senate.

I've been watching for sometime and am not really happy that

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My Final Election Address.

16 Day 593, 12:17 Published in Australia Australia

My Fellow Australians,

I wanted to release one more article before the voting finishes to thank you all for those that have supported me, and to thank those that have supported AV.

I’m the first to admit that AV is very popular with a lot of

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Xavier Griffith’s Prime Ministerial Proposed Cabinet

10 Day 591, 23:56 Published in Australia Australia

My Fellow Australians,

I present to you, my proposed Cabinet should you choose to elect me as your new Prime Minister.

The Ministers and Deputies on this list I have chosen for their experience information and knowledge. This has been done to

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Xavier’s Prime Ministerial Candidacy Speech

21 Day 590, 23:16 Published in Australia Australia

My Fellow eAustralians,

I hereby officially announce my candidacy for the eAustralian Prime Ministership of our Great Nation.

This nomination comes due to the support of the Independent members of the Australian Independent Party. I would

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Xavier Griffith - Likud Jerusalem Knesset Candidate Presentation.

12 Day 580, 01:07 Published in Israel Israel

My Fellow eIsraelis,

Our Country has finally be reunited and is once again Whole.

With this great occurrence, the time has come for your politicians to become more inclusive of you the People. This involves making itself more transparent, and

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