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Do Not Be Alarmed

7 Day 1,222, 01:01 Published in Pakistan Pakistan

~Republished because this is important and (apparently) flaming.

This is only the end of za warudo.

Anyone who understands the rules will know why I proposed impeachment.

Please do not vote for me today unless it would mean ONLY

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Fight for the Resistance

5 Day 1,088, 21:23 Published in Pakistan Pakistan

Blacklist Rose is the winner of our latest RWH Medal auction. More details here. Please fight for the resistance; and don't worry, we'll take it back tomorrow.

In other

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Desertification: Stage II

5 Day 1,072, 14:08 Published in Pakistan Pakistan

I would first like to thank the Stone Ocean Party for appointing me as Chief Herder of MadCow Province, along with the illustrious (see:ginger) Tom McDougal. While I

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The Weight is Over

5 Day 1,064, 15:07 Published in Pakistan Pakistan

This will change your life (or at the very least, your dinner).read more »

My Suggestion to the Developers

4 Day 1,063, 20:14 Published in Pakistan Pakistan

PLEASE return some complexity to the game. The time-management was the best idea you've ever had. At least have three economy skills, right now certain industries are suffering drastically due to the one-size-fits-all rapid transfer of workers.

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