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My Suggestion to the Developers

Day 1,063, 20:14 Published in Pakistan Cyprus by Dio Czenishkov

PLEASE return some complexity to the game. The time-management was the best idea you've ever had. At least have three economy skills, right now certain industries are suffering drastically due to the one-size-fits-all rapid transfer of workers.

For military, find an actual PvP solution using the four weapon types, and make weapons actually matter. Keep the "wall" and the 8 mini-battles (innovative idea), but randomly match fighters, or queue them if there is no opponent. The winner adds influence, gets experience, the loser still gets experience. When queued, after five minutes of waiting, 10 health is removed and influence is added like it is now. Hence, there is incentive to match fighters from other side to avoid cheap influence.

Another suggestion: either limit the total number of MPP's per country to remove this super-alliance stalemate (at least it was until recently), or remove them all-together and implement residency requirements similar to RW's, for all battles. At least provide an influence or experience bonus for being in the attacked/attacking regions. This shifts emphasis from multi-farming to maintaining active mobile national armies. They are the ones most likely to purchase Gold 😉

Oh, and PLEASE reverse the new citizenship requirements for publishing newspapers. "Spam" can still be done from orgs and in foreign comments, but ATO citizens cannot publish in their country of residence, and it is more difficult to communicate with other peoples, UNQUESTIONABLY the greatest part of this game.



Captain Briggs
Captain Briggs Day 1,063, 20:47

Yeah i commented in the box at the end

'-get back the multiple economic skills
- get rid of infinite wellness packs
- keep the multiple fighting skills
- bring back the retreat button since it did not stop pto's at all ( new countries are easy example lol )

and i think one other thing

rainy sunday
rainy sunday Day 1,063, 22:00

Sub #1

write on \o/

Dio Czenishkov
Dio Czenishkov Day 1,063, 22:19

< 3 rainy

You just received a front-row ticket to the greatest show on Earth. ; )

gagah Day 1,063, 23:26

Waiting on that SEES plate.

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