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Fight for the Resistance

Day 1,088, 21:23 Published in Pakistan Cyprus by Dio Czenishkov

Blacklist Rose is the winner of our latest RWH Medal auction. More details here. Please fight for the resistance; and don't worry, we'll take it back tomorrow.

In other news, our bovine conversion programs are making progress.

They almost look human now don't they?

Praise DIO,
Chief Herder of MadCow Province:
Vladimir Czenishkov



Taaha Day 1,088, 22:01

That is nasty

Glove Day 1,088, 22:17

my. god.

Ali Emami
Ali Emami Day 1,089, 23:25

congrats Blacklist rose

Immortal L
Immortal L Day 1,089, 00:17

congratz sis, i'm not need it anymore (:

Dr. Tango
Dr. Tango Day 1,089, 05:50

good work Vlad.
I am sure you will succeed with the Bovines one day, with Dio's geace.

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