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Eventfull day in the elife of a new eSouth African

30 Day 1,997, 05:17 Published in South Africa South Africa Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Just to share a bit of back ground regarding the experiences of a new eSouth African, SilentFury, during Day 1,996 May 08 2013 The Straight Arrow decided to publish the following article.

The eventful day started with SilentFury logging on to

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The Straight Arrow opens it s doors

6 Day 1,997, 03:33 Published in South Africa South Africa Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

The Straight Arrow newspaper opened its doors today, May 09 2013 eRepublik Day 1997.

The newspaper's main objective will be to share interesting information or/and experiences in the eRepublik life as an eSouth African.

The articles published

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