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Eventfull day in the elife of a new eSouth African

Day 1,997, 05:17 Published in South Africa Bulgaria by SilentFury

Just to share a bit of back ground regarding the experiences of a new eSouth African, SilentFury, during Day 1,996 May 08 2013 The Straight Arrow decided to publish the following article.

The eventful day started with SilentFury logging on to eRepublik and about 5 minutes after the message popped up referring to the resistance group forming to fight for the Western Cape region, eSouth Africa.

SilentFury (being at lvl 24 at that stage still fighting in Division 1) decided to join in the fight, prepared his weapons etc., but when he entered the fight it was very close to the end of the first battle. About 5 - 10 minutes left.

The rest in his own words...

"When I saw there were less than 10 minutes left and the lack of activity on the eBrazilian side I realised I could still turn it around for us. The momentum was about 75% to 25% in their favor when I joined the fight. So I started pounding them with bazookas. They reacted to my bazooka attacks and a severe fight started. It went on for about 5 minutes and I started to gain the advantage. Just as I managed to gain the momentum to our side (got us up to about 60% to 40%) ...

I leveled to lvl 25...

... and was kicked out of Division 1. I couldn't participate in the fight any the further. They just pushed and all my work was undone. That after spending a crap load of weapons to get us the win in Division 1.

When I started fighting I was just doing it to gain experience and hopefully help us to regain the Western Cape region (providing us access to the gold mine etc), but when that happened it all changed. That really got me going. I decided Division 2 will not loose one single fight from that point onwards, especially when I saw how well our guys in Division 4 were doing... hehe

Battle 2 commenced and I started pounding them from the beginning. My strategy was to get 5 million damage points in right at the beginning and then defend when the attacks come...and boy did they come...hehe...wave after wave, but if they hit us with 1 million damage points I hit back with 2 million. Every wave was more severe than the previous one. In the end it was very tight, but I managed to keep them out and get the win for us.

Battles 3, 4 and 5. Excactly the same thing. Right at the start, then about an hour in and at the 1.5 hour mark the waves were particularly severe and right at the close of the fight ofc.

About 6 - 7 hours into the fight Battle 6 started. It became a lot more intense (I couldn't believe how exciting it was). More and more ebrazilians started to become involved and they just kept coming. From Battle 6 it built up and up until we reached Battle 8. By that time they really pushed. They were hitting us with multiple bazookas non stop. Just more and more ebrazillians getting involved in the battle. It went right up to a point where one of them went up to about 5 million damage points. It was so severe it took me hitting them with bazookas for about 5 minutes non stop. Barely keeping the momentum in our favor. It was hovering at 50% all the time. I think their strategy was to go all in and see how many resources I had to keep them off...and then they must have realized. I am not going to crack and with whatever they came I would have more (which was the case ofc...hehe).

After that, Battles 9 and 10, were really very calm and it was relatively easy to get the wins there.

14 hours after I sat down at my PC just to play for an hour or so we finally won! Mission accomplished!! Awesome stuff!! I'll defintely take / need a bit of a brake after that...hehe

All in all a great exciting day and I have to admit. I never imagined this game could be that much fun. I hope you guys enjoy the gold from the gold mine. What a nice "prize" for all of us to get after all of this. Couldn't have been more fitting.

However, this article would not be complete if I dont mention the following...

1. Our guys in Division 4. They were amazing. How they managed to get us the wins and those valuable 5 points in every battle against the eBrazilian might I'll never know. You have my respect. One can only stand in awe and admire you guys!

2. The eChinese citizen Fanaxidiel!

What a player? What a person? Better you won't find. Right at the end he could have grasped the CH medal without a blink and he didn't. He allowed me to get it, because he felt I deserved it for my efforts. How many people you come across would do that? Not many, if any. Unequaled quality person and player if you ask me. I'll go into full battle mode with him any day and eSouth Africa can count ourselves VERY fortunate to have players of that calibre in our midsts.

SilentFury, a proud eSouth African signing off until the next battle. 🙂 "

There you have it, an eventful day indeed.

The Straight Arrow signing off... and wondering how are we going to top this one...hehe

Until the next article...have fun and all the best with your battles!!



Sas Dragos
Sas Dragos Day 1,997, 05:40

Is nice form you to put so much emotion in this game. Good luck!

Zansi Day 1,997, 06:12

Well done and congratulations! You make us all proud.

atrawall Day 1,997, 07:38

Awesome job dude. Seriously, I can't commend you enough!

Zombinho Day 1,997, 08:20

Bravo 🙂

Uber kiko
Uber kiko Day 1,997, 09:05

That was epic.

benjiparis Day 1,997, 09:27

Congratz' o/

Dranze R
Dranze R Day 1,997, 09:27


El Reto
El Reto Day 1,997, 09:31

This game is exactly for people like You 😛
Great job, my congratulations. o/

antwone Day 1,997, 10:52

really good work

Miyagiyoda Day 1,997, 11:00

Epic effort. Well done.

Fanaxidiel Day 1,997, 11:26

Really thankful for the kind and undeserved words.
Anyway, though I am chinese in game, I am Italian in real life 🙂

I see that you are a good publisher, not only an unequaled soldier!
My congratz!
Voted and subscribed!

lancer450 Day 1,997, 12:54

Awesome job. : )

Niffobti Day 1,997, 13:01

Nice read ... Best of luck ... Nice job of Fanaxidiel. Or maybe he just did not have any more gold left. lol.
Glad you en eSA. YOu make us all proud to be RL South African. Like your spirit. I can see pretty interesting elections in the near future ... hehehe

Mr QRCZEBLADE Day 1,997, 13:37

spear of destiny 😛

Podujeva1 Day 1,997, 14:37

good luck 🙂

kuckuck Day 1,997, 15:31


But you have tasted the venom soon, be careful

Ejdatful Day 1,997, 15:40

Well done !

SilentFury Day 1,997, 15:52

kuckuck - I have no idea what "venom" you refer to, but I can assure you I have enough venom of my own. I am afraid of no-one.

kuckuck Day 1,998, 00:33

The venom of fresh blood, the venom of fighting a battle round after round, the venom of the addiction

SilentFury Day 1,998, 02:46

ahh... gotcha hehe

Niffobti Day 1,997, 16:51

Silent ... i think he referring to the fact that this game is 100% designed towards getting RL money. Take note that their is monthly specials on upgrading facilities. As well as monthly battle packs <--- good value. As well as training contracts. Get the 90% training contract. It lasts 30 days and you get 90% discount on your daily training. It is about 0,287 gold for 90 strength / day.
Training is the best way to get your stats better. At the current rate you will be God of War in a month or so ... it usually takes about 2 to 3 years !!! The drawbacks ... you will have God of War rank yet have very low strength .

SilentFury Day 1,998, 02:48

Training is already at max per day. All to Q4. Now its just time...hehe

Dm. Khotko Day 1,997, 17:19

Comment deleted

Dm. Khotko
Dm. Khotko Day 1,997, 17:40

Impressive performance

Rusty Kuntz
Rusty Kuntz Day 1,998, 01:44

Well done dude. Hats off to ya.

Rico Suave
Rico Suave Day 1,998, 03:38

Ha ha, "eventful".. That's an understatement if I ever heard one!
Very impressive!

LiquidIce Day 1,998, 05:13

I have one question... In the month that you have been playing, how much RL money did you have to spend to do that much damage. I usecrl money and still cant do what you did...

atrawall Day 1,998, 10:03

A lot, I'm sure. He told Kiko, he didn't keep track and that he just "Went for it."

LiquidIce Day 1,998, 10:22

In that case, is his damage and strength training sustainable? That is gonna cost a lot of RL money to keep it up, and frankly, this game is not THAT good. Just good enough to spend a wee bit each month or two...

Uber kiko
Uber kiko Day 1,999, 04:22

And that's why i said what he should do... (You know)

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