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The Straight Arrow opens it s doors

Day 1,997, 03:33 Published in South Africa Bulgaria by SilentFury

The Straight Arrow newspaper opened its doors today, May 09 2013 eRepublik Day 1997.

The newspaper's main objective will be to share interesting information or/and experiences in the eRepublik life as an eSouth African.

The articles published here might not be as frequent as in other newspapers in eRepublik / eSouthAfrica, but hopefully the ones which do get published will make for some interesting reading and fun to all its readers.

The Straight Arrow will also try to always aim straight at the heart of an issue, event or information it would like to share with its readers.

The Straight Arrow



staruszek Day 1,997, 03:48

Impressive dmg.

Zombinho Day 1,997, 08:10

awesome work done there 🙂

Jd Engelbrecht
Jd Engelbrecht Day 1,997, 10:40

Subscribed 🙂

gisgosrev Day 1,997, 11:45

Suscribed, u'll be an awesome future tank 😉

SilentFury Day 1,997, 11:54

Thx for subscribing guys. Very much appreciated!!

Drake Franco
Drake Franco Day 1,998, 10:17

Voted +Sub! Keep up the activity 🙂

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