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8 Day 513, 06:46 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom

Hello Everyone,

We are now into the early morning of eUK, just over 6 hours after the election results. In what turned out to be a surprising victory for most, I managed to gain the position with a 20 vote lead over the second place candidate.

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Turns out I'm a Hungarian Spy....

3 Day 512, 07:32 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom

It may surprise you to hear, but apparently I'm a Hungarian spy.

I'd been sent a few message directing me to a forum: There had been some fear that I was actually an undercover agent out to

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The Race Is On...

6 Day 509, 16:54 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom

You may not have known, but things are really starting to get exciting in the corridors of the UKRP. Until yesterday, there were only two candidates in the race. It was that simple. Then, enter yours truly...

How fantastic that that we have a

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Standing So Soon?

7 Day 509, 04:35 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom

As some may be aware, I have decided to stand for UKRP Party President.

Why, why, why, oh, dear God, why?

A perfectly valid question, though it think it can be quite simply answered: because I am the most suited. Why else, of course,

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I Give You The Statesman's Chronicle

3 Day 508, 14:26 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom

It gives me great pleasure to announce the launch of The Statesman's Chronicle, a sharp and cutting newspaper that will keep you up to date with the news and politics of the eUK and other global events.

Expect opinion. This is a paper not only to

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