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How the invasion of Ireland will unfold

91 Day 869, 19:43 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to my loyal fans in the British public who voted this article to the very top, above well known eUk'ers such as Wolly, glados and of course, Dishwasher, I am proud to to reign over the British read more »

The Q5 Weapons company is under fire - Volunteers needed!

38 Day 864, 04:47 Published in Ireland Ireland

The State Q5 weps company needs volunteers!

Heres is the company

Ciprio read more »

Sorry, it's a manifesto.

4 Day 853, 13:10 Published in Ireland Ireland

Dylanb9216 for Cork/Kerry

Currently the media is overflowing with manifesto's, and this clearly isn't helping but I will do my best to keep this very short & sweet.

What have you done and who are you?[/read more »

Our fighting future?

22 Day 850, 14:33 Published in Ireland Ireland

Ireland's fighting future

The current state of the IDF

This article is in response to a recent increase in the popularity of the read more »

Dylanb9216 for IFP President!

9 Day 843, 12:07 Published in Ireland Ireland

Dylanb9216 for IFP Party President

Hello there! this is my manifesto for president of the Irish Freedom party, nobody exactly enjoy's manifesto's so … read more »