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The UK is invading Ireland!

14 Day 949, 12:26 Published in USA USA

The UK is invading Ireland!

It's been a while coming but now that we only have one MPP (Peru) the UK has attacked 6 regions of Ireland.

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An insight into how Scotland fell....

32 Day 948, 14:15 Published in Ireland Ireland

How did the UK plus 11 MPP's manage to lose Scotland to a single country?

Well....this image, taken in the closing seconds of the battle clearly shows how...

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28 Day 941, 13:51 Published in Ireland Ireland

After consulting some of the games most brilliant military minds and strategists I have come up with the following solution to quench Irelands thirst for battle.


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Dylanb9216 for the Dail!

10 Day 914, 18:11 Published in Ireland Ireland

Dylan for the Dail!

After a month off to personally participate in IDF deployments I have decided to be a bit more grounded this month in eIrish politics and thus am running for election in the Northeast of Ireland, nobody likes to read

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The Hospital company needs Volunteers!

18 Day 882, 10:43 Published in Ireland Ireland

Volunteers are Needed!

As I'm sure you all know we are currently in the process of building Ireland's 4th Q5 hospital which is scheduled to be … read more »