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This is a combination of everything you have ever read in eRepublik. I've written it all, and continue to do so. If you want to read History, Contests, Politics or great have come to the right paper.

Spanish Immigrants Declared illegal

39 Day 1,229, 21:05 Published in USA USA

"Big thinking precedes great achievement."
-Wilfred Peterson

In a recent move by the American Country President, Glove, America … read more »

Hungary Declares War on Serbia!

24 Day 1,228, 13:36 Published in USA USA

"There isn't a person anywhere who isn't capable of doing more than he thinks he can." -Henry Ford

In a shocking turn of events, … read more »

Absolute war! Day One, Indonesia Invades America

46 Day 1,197, 22:57 Published in USA USA

In a (not so) stunning turn of events, Indonesia has invaded Hawaii. Indonesia is, of course, a historical enemy of ours. They have been for the better part of 2 years. If one … read more »

[BREAKING NEWS] Admins FixThe Media Module

18 Day 1,184, 21:49 Published in USA USA

They finally spent 10 minutes on cleaning it up. It looks righteous.
Now you can just click and do things like bold.

You can insert pictures, hyperlinks, … read more »

It Is Time

32 Day 1,176, 12:39 Published in USA USA


It is that time. The time to review the former POTUS, … read more »