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Presidential Largo Endorsement

14 Day 925, 18:13 Published in USA USA

I have messaged the original 5 presidential candidates to invite them to apply for The Largo Endorsement. I received full responses from Sir Valaro Volcrum and Chocolate McSkittles, so they get bonus points. Colin Lantrip gave me a partial

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King Maker

11 Day 918, 18:10 Published in USA USA

So, after my last article , where I endorsed a group of congressional candidates, I thought I did a good job helping get the word out for some

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The Largo Endorsements (Results Announced!!)

17 Day 915, 15:49 Published in USA USA

The Largo Endorsements were originally thought to be a way to evaluate new congress hopefuls, but since I got so many entries from experienced Senators as well as newcomers, I split the endorsement into 2 categories. The top 6 congress hopefuls

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The Largo Endorsement

33 Day 911, 17:08 Published in USA USA

I would like to address the messages and questions I have been getting recently.

As the incumbant Senator from Georgia, I am proud to have served my 3 consecutive terms. I ran 3 times and never lost!!! 🙂 I believe I contributed to the

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Message to the D.R.E.

11 Day 904, 18:22 Published in USA USA

Fellow members of the Democratic Republicans in Exile (D.R.E.), I bring you a message. Our party, the Democratic Republicans, was PTO'd last month and we have been in exile ever since.


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