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7 Day 888, 17:44 Published in USA USA

I want to thank everyone who supported me in my re-election to congress. Its my third term!! As a present to the curious, this is the first few things that happen when you are elected:

Plato says:
"Congratulations on winning the elections!

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Vote for Talio Extremist in Minnesota!!! Avert a potential PTO!!

6 Day 887, 06:55 Published in USA USA

In Minnesota, Szenti has bypassed the FEC ATO procedure and is nominated as a congressional candidate. For confirmation, read this article and click on the approved candidates list. You will see he is listed as a threat.


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Vote for John Largo's re-election (3rd term) in Georgia on April 25th!

15 Day 881, 16:27 Published in USA USA

EDIT: My new article is buggy, so I cannot update the link in my ad. So I will update this article instead. Please move to Minnesota and vote for Talio Extremist instead of me in Georgia

My name is John Largo and I am running for my … read more »

A Sad Day for the Democratic Republicans.

21 Day 878, 18:25 Published in USA USA

Yesterday the Democratic Republicans were PTO'd by a what seems to be a Hungarian loyalist. Unfortunatley that means that an … read more »

Just for Laughs

4 Day 870, 16:38 Published in USA USA

Your Georgia Senator has decided that eAmerica needs a laugh today. So here we go:

Sarah was reading a newspaper, while her husband was engrossed in a magazine. Suddenly, she burst out laughing. "Listen to this," she said. "

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