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NB Forest Products

2 Day 580, 07:00 Published in Canada Canada

Another corner is turned in the development of eNB. Following excellent support, including that of a number of persons running for Congress, sufficient funds were raised to create NB Forest Products, a company to take advantage of New Brunswick's

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The rise of NB Pride

6 Day 577, 06:03 Published in Canada Canada

Spem Reduxit salutes the arrival of a new org. NB Pride is dedicated to the development of eNB. Already the donations are mounting and the leadership of NB Pride have indicated their first order of business will be to set up a forestry company in

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The Rise of the DAL

4 Day 576, 04:40 Published in Canada Canada

(in the above: light blue = CSD, green = CEP, Yellow=PPC, Brown=Paradox, Blue=PQ, Orange=DAL)

ITEM 1: Although Spem Reduxit is not a partisan organ, facts are facts, and the above chart, which shows percentage of active voters in each of the top

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The Death of Rikki Justice

6 Day 575, 11:03 Published in Canada Canada

Rikki Justice, one of eNB's top 10 citizens, will probably die later today or tonight from starvation. She was a Level 13, but hasn't done anything for about 3 months now.

We draw attention to Rikki not because we know her (we don't) and not

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NEWSFLASH: Training Exercise Now Underway

2 Day 574, 11:31 Published in Canada Canada

Quick follow-up to our last edition.

Our American Allies have provided a training opportunity in Rhode Island in co-operation with the Irish.

Spem Reduxit hopes all eCanadians will take advantage of this opportunity.

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