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Hail Canadian Spirit

6 Day 618, 09:10 Published in Canada Canada

A couple of days ago, the leadership of NB Pride met. We had our little company, NB Forest Products, which you can look into past issues of this newspaper to see why we started it, mainly just for local pride, and because NB was a high wood area

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How we just lost Manitoba

2 Day 616, 11:29 Published in Canada Canada

With an hour to go -10K.

With 10 minutes to go -40K.

A superb counter by our allies, the Americans were there, the Spanish arrived in force and turned it back to -6K with only a couple of minutes left to go. Anyone who thinks we've been left

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The Sounds of Defeat

15 Day 616, 06:36 Published in Canada Canada

The loss of Quebec was a severe blow. Alberta even more so. Now we look around and hear the sounds of defeat. Some of it propaganda of course, because our opponents want and need us to give up. Some of it is frustration.

We can finger point:

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Ruled Brittannia: Special to Our British Compatriots

2 Day 612, 06:44 Published in Canada Canada

In the history of Empires, it is this considered writer's opinion that none ever equalled The British Empire. All Empires have their excesses, and none have ever been altruistic, but Great Britain still holds a unique place in history.


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Dark Days

9 Day 609, 08:19 Published in Canada Canada

So much progress had been shown in the development of eNB but all must now be set aside for the war which is upon us. There is nothing good in war except its ending, and now we must exert the uttermost for the cause.

What is to be done?


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