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I will back to NZ

2 Day 1,096, 20:29 Published in New Zealand New Zealand

Well, I will come back and I need a very good payed job 😉 (I will use boosters for training 😛 because I want to became a General).

There are some boss that want me for work in their company?

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Yhamilitz will Back :P

5 Day 1,091, 21:05 Published in New Zealand New Zealand


I am in Brasil because I want to get some money 😁, I will come back to NZ later (I need to get a Licence for Austria and NZ, for my Oil company)

Sincerely Yhamilitz

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I am asking for a New Zealand Census

2 Day 1,084, 22:38 Published in New Zealand New Zealand

Well, most of the people here are no from RL New Zealand, and will be nice to learn more about our immigrants group.

This may help us to understand the Opinion of the eNew Zealanders.

Go [url=

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New Military Ranks are *****

12 Day 1,081, 14:05 Published in New Zealand New Zealand

I really dislike this new way to rank, I have a low Military Rank now ¬¬.

Anyway, One day I will have the force of Poland And I will erase Italy (because they sell México and Invade Austria)

If you don't like this new way to rank the

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New Zealand at War(look this)!!!

27 Day 1,077, 01:13 Published in New Zealand New Zealand

The eMexicans and the eAustrians like this image, so you must like it

I was bored so I made this Article.

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