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In Every Article there is a Trolling Subriminal Message 🙂 / En cada Articulo, hay un Mensage Subriminal Trolleador 🙂

Mexico needs a Home.

17 Day 1,130, 11:12 Published in New Zealand New Zealand

The eGrinchs (eAmericans) Will leave Mexico without land. And we do not have any place for Christmas.

PHOENIX leave us along against the USA and their 18 allies "The eGrinch Puppies".
Brazil(a traitor) became ally of the USA, and even Canada(

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I am back (: and a message for Serbians.

31 Day 1,118, 21:03 Published in New Zealand New Zealand

Music from RL New Zealand (I think so)

Finally, I come back, again. and I will tell you something, I will be here for a long time 🙂

I am working in the Austrian goverment, and I have some … read more »

Epic Win of the day :D

18 Day 1,104, 12:58 Published in New Zealand New Zealand

I am so F***ing Happy today!!!

When I logg on, I receive a warning:

We inform you that 0.06 NZD have been sold for 6 GOLD from the citizen account using the offer posted on the monetary read more »

eWorld War IV (or V or VI) upgrades

6 Day 1,104, 01:22 Published in New Zealand New Zealand

Let's make a MPP with Austria, so I can have a Vendetta with Italy

Let's have an orgasmic travel around the world(so let's make the fun begin). 😁

NOTE: I don't make the Images, I just read more »

Vote for Yhamilitz in Auckland

4 Day 1,100, 09:02 Published in New Zealand New Zealand

Please vote for me.

I will promise to you to make NZ so Neutral as Switzerland IRL. … read more »