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My introduction :) (And vote for me :D)

1 Day 1,064, 12:03 Published in New Zealand New Zealand

Hi, I am Yhamilitz, A guy from RL Mexico and I am 17 years old.

I had lived in eMexico and eAustria, the people in this countries know me.

I come with a Group of friends, for help here.

I speak Spanish and English, and I want to be a very

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Is time for Change my Life, But I will always Support you.

6 Day 1,063, 18:19 Published in Austria Austria

I want to Anounce that I will leave eAustria.

If eAustria is in a PTO, Please contact me, I will be very happy to help eAustria.

I will go to New Zealand because some friends from Mexico will go there and they no Speak English.

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Vote for me in Upper Austria, Sorry for the absence, Babyboom

3 Day 1,062, 09:48 Published in Austria Austria

First of all, sorry for my absence, I (still) don´t have Internet, I will no have it for 2 more weeks.

Just vote for me in Upper Austria, let´s prevent a PTO 🙂

I want to tell you that if a PTO is attacking Austria, I would like to be the next

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The requirements for join to EDEN (for an ex-PHOENIX country)

18 Day 1,056, 13:42 Published in Austria Austria

In the memory of Samu-L and Teh Famzay

Well, a little country called Italy recently Join to EDEN.

But how?

This are the … read more »

Pido disculpas publicas a los eEspañoles radicados en Chipre

11 Day 1,055, 16:24 Published in Cyprus Cyprus

This article is wrote in Spanish because this Article if for the Spanish people

Antes que nada, quiero decirles que yo soy muy desconfiado, no confió fácilmente en ningún país ya sean EDEN o PHOENIX (Hungría, Rusia, Serbia, Croacia Polonia, Españ

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