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Your Opinion

9 Day 713, 06:33 Published in USA USA

I have been meaning to write another article to try and figure out how people really feel about the eWorld. For so many people it's a place where they are just trying to survive... they want to fight to support their country and their political

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eParty ePolitics

6 Day 699, 05:35 Published in USA USA

It's eElection time again, and all the eCandidates are trying to get eElected. And for many citizens out there it gets to be a really confusing time. It isn't like real life politics, because the scope of what your representatives can affect is

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Sir, there's an unidentified craft...

16 Day 696, 14:36 Published in USA USA

Well, we have pulled into orbit around eEarth, and have opened all hailing frequencies, trying to reach the people of eUSA. There's a ton of people down there, all madly tuning their radios, checking their email, and getting strange messages

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