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The Division of Labor

7 Day 965, 00:45 Published in USA USA

I am reminded of Henry Hazlitt's treatment of bad notions of economics. Generally in his general audience work: Economics in One Lesson he in every chapter describes a notion that you hear a lot, that is also wrong and then completely tears it apart

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Tight Gold Supply Implications

2 Day 954, 21:55 Published in USA USA

Article before last I wrote that I thought The gold supply was being manipulated on the treasure map end and that I expect admins to not change this policy until the end of beta when the game's play merges again. That is not an easy line of

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Not so random sampling of 40 top citizens

7 Day 953, 17:06 Published in USA USA

Undecided? don't know how to allot your skills? I see a trend to do what you have always done. These people were told they were "tanks" and they stay in related fields it appears(not studied) see how things are shaping up. Warning: this

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Gold Supply Tightens....

4 Day 949, 16:34 Published in USA USA

I have seen an article or two on treasure map payouts and people are thinking there is a trend from having no TotK payouts to reduced payments of normal finds. Everyone can't help but see the advertisements for the Special Gold offer. (look here

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Cornering a market, Impossible.. Possible?

4 Day 942, 17:20 Published in USA USA

In the back of everyone's mind there lies a premise or two that allow them to think in ways that may or may not make sense.

One particular idea plagues many people, not understanding how markets work they will entertain the notion of "

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