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Aussie In Ukraine : Campaign for Congress

14 Day 579, 16:35 Published in Ukraine Ukraine

I'm Australian in real life. However eRepublik isn't real life. Anyway I'm writing this to inform eUkraine's eCitizens that I intend to run for the eUkraine congress. I hope & expect to do a decent job whilst I'm here. Feel welcome to post any

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Democracy : More Than Voting & Why eAustralia Isn't One

77 Day 579, 04:30 Published in Australia Australia

It's claimed that a democracy is the right to vote. But I ask you, is China a democracy? Is Zimbabwe a democracy? Was the USSR a democracy?

Democracy is much more than voting & eAustralia today isn't a democracy. It has more in common with

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Bill : Remove VAT on Food, Slight Increase For Weapons

22 Day 577, 16:06 Published in Australia Australia

Bill : Food VAT = 1%
Weapons VAT = 8%

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There's no seperate statistics for eAustralia so eWorld stats are used.

(share of output capacity)

Food = 17.8%
Weapons = 22.3%

Current VAT on

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Proposal : Remove VAT On Food - Slightly Increase For Other Items

31 Day 571, 18:54 Published in Australia Australia

As the eAustralian forums can not longer be considered a trusted place to place anything on due to Preditorian's censorship program, I'm placing this in the eAus News

Many congress members campaigned for the removal of VAT on food as this

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Weapons To Elite Few In Training War : Harms eAustralian Growth

67 Day 567, 01:38 Published in Australia Australia

Many of you don't know this however eAustralian taxes are currently being used to give weapons to a elite few, simply for training battles. Most of you are asked to forgo benefits simply to feed a few "elite" boys club players in activities that

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