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Time to Go Presidential: Part Two

24 Day 1,048, 03:56 Published in Japan Japan

In my last article, I announced my decision to run for the office of president and listed some key goals of my administration if I am elected. In this article, I will go … read more »

Time to Go Presidential: Connecting eJapan’s Past and Future

30 Day 1,045, 01:26 Published in Japan Japan

I would like to announce that I will be running for the office of President to help guide eJapan into a right direction. My main focus will be the rebuilding of … read more »

Update from Minister of Internal Affairs

13 Day 1,043, 18:50 Published in Japan Japan

Due to the impeachment of the President Sugawara, there had been a change to the government of Japan in order to avoid eJapan falling into anarchy for next week, until … read more »

Why You REALLY Do Not Need to Panic

16 Day 1,038, 12:51 Published in Japan Japan

Note: I’m not going to commercialize myself for votes for congress election here, just because it’s just stupid.

Why You REALLY Do Not Need to Panic – A read more »

Why we should listen to Kita Ikki

27 Day 1,035, 22:45 Published in Japan Japan

Our nation now wanders through the troubled times, suffering from inactivity and PTO. Our media is a shamble. Partly we, the citizens of eJapan, are all at fault; we … read more »