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The UK is whole again!

Day 1,888, 14:40 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Ziltoid16
UK Retakes Wales & Pushes Back Into Norway

Britain complete once more

As our CP BigAnt tells us all to stay calm it's all part of the plan the eUK has been involved in yet more fighting today in Wales & Sorlandet. We have also been assisting our eSpanish allies in Newfoundland and Labrador, and helped our eMacedonian allies successfully defend Eastern Macedonia from eGreece.The eCanadian resistance seems to have crumbled, with TWO forces winning easily on all fronts.

eCanada & eNorway were probably hoping for support from eIreland, eRussia & eGermany in this conflict, but as as it turns out rumours are now circulating that they are all actually in current negotiations with the eUK to get an MPP signed.

eSpain closed our western front today by taking Newfoundland and labrador which leaves the eUK to focus on fighting the eastern front against eNorway and the eNetherlands, the eNetherlands having just NE'd the eUK.

Michael Caine is not happy


The UKRP have today released a new manifesto calling for lower taxes and unity between the eUK's PP's.

The Peoples Communist Party have today released an article stating that they will not be merging with New Era. The proposal was put to a vote within the party which ended with 16 against and just 2 in favour.

In Other News...

The Gold price has been slipping these last few days, from 338GBP on day 1,885 to just 333GBP today.

Our very own Legion finished 13th in CoTWO for damages rendered this month! Well done!

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good thing were part of TWO

General Slim
General Slim Day 1,888, 16:38

Gold now down to 280

Puppie Master
Puppie Master Day 1,888, 17:22

Voted and subscribed

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Day 1,889, 01:14

Votes and already subscribed....

Altogether now - ''Oh Canada....''

Bardokva Day 1,890, 11:06

Voted and subscribed

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